Rozanne Hardy Geranium

Rozanne is one of the best hardy geranium currently available, pulling in top ratings from Georgia to Seattle in the Fine Gardening 2008 best regional perennials poll. She blooms from late spring to hard frost with large 2.5 inch saucer-shaped violet-blue, white centered flowers. She gets about 18 inches tall and 3 foot wide. To renew its appearance and encourage a new flush of growth and blooms prune old foliage to basal growth in summer.







Giant Sacaton Grass

This wonderful ornamental grass, native to Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, is a very drought tolerant, lush and large grass that fits well into low water landscapes. It is a warm season grass that ultimately reaches 5 to 6 foot tall with airy but full flower spikes that are very showy in late summer and through the winter barring heavy snow. It is very quick to establish and reach its full size unlike the maiden grasses.